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My first steroid inhaler

May 6 2015 , Written by Levitra Italia

My first steroid inhaler

I had accepted the fact that I was going to be an asthmatic for the rest of my life but when the doctor told me I needed a steroid inhaler to control my breathing I was rather shocked. I didn’t like the word steroid and refused to be a part of the muscle building aggravated men you see working out in the gyms. The doctor just laughed and told me that steroids do many things other than increase your muscle size. The steroid inhaler was designed to relax my lungs when they begin to spasm and I cannot exhale a decent breath. The first asthma attack I suffered was right at home and I didn’t have a clue what was going on. At first I thought I had a puncher in my lung or something even worse but I was pretty sure I was about to die. The ambulance came and took me to hospital where I stayed overnight under observation. I did not take long for them to diagnose me with asthma and then they sent me to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription.

I was required to use the steroid inhaler each day for several weeks and then only as required. There were a lot of things that made my breathing wheezy like the dust from the rugs and the dust in the garage. Once while walking through the botanical gardens I must have come across flower pollen which tickled my nose and did not agree with me. Lucky I had my steroid inhaler otherwise I might have been buried under that very flower garden right there and then. It was a harsh reality to be a permanent asthma sufferer but with today’s advanced medicines it is an easy problem to take care of.

The steroid inhaler can solve your asthma problem

Asthma has plagued mankind for decades now and can really limit the lives of some of those poor sufferers that go through the trauma of asthma each day. The steroid inhaler is a perfect method of reopening the blocked or restricted airways by the steroidal agents relaxing the muscles that lead to the lungs, salt pipe. The lack of air is possibly due for several reasons, perhaps because of inflammation or the buildup of mucus. Another reason may be the involuntary contraction of muscles involved in breathing like the diaphragm or throat muscles. The steroid itself is being delivered directly into the airways by the steroid inhaler. If these muscles cannot relax then a person cannot take an inward breath and will risk fits or their breathing will stop. The steroid inhale can prevent this from happening because of its ability to relax those muscles.

The inhaler is a prescription drug only and is only usually prescribed to people who have asthma or suffer from the same symptoms. The use of the steroid inhaler is monitored in elite level sports because it may enhance the athletes’ ability to intake oxygen. This would allow them to process fuel burning more rapidly giving the more energy and several other direct positive side effects for the user. The steroid inhaler can be researched online and in medical journals for a better understanding of this medical treatment. Different asthma sufferers may require individualized steroid inhalers because each holds different compounds and in different amounts be best suit the intended users. Spacer devices and face masks can be fitted to the steroid inhalers for a more efficient means of drawing in the medicine. The steroid inhaler should only be used if the symptoms persist and not be used by other people than the name on the prescription.

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