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The importance of good planning and solid strategies to win battles in Clash of Clans

November 14 2015 , Written by Levitra Italia

The importance of good planning and solid strategies to win battles in Clash of Clans

The best Combat Strategies

Clans clash is a strategy game of combat created by Supercell for mobile devices in which you will be immersed in a title of Lord of the same town, so you can perform multiple actions to govern it and, as such, will be your mission to make that village that you start to become the largest and most powerful of all the game city.

Strategies of Combat

In particular, the actions that you can take along this idle application are:

Building: is the main objective of the game it is necessary to carry out this activity in order to advance in it and create an efficient and impassable city defended by the best structures, even, of massacring the best rival offensive troops.

The types of buildings that we can establish are diverse, among which we can find offensive, defensive buildings, research or resources. In addition, fit to highlight the figures of the barbarian King and la Arquera Queen, free games codes, that will be quite interesting both in defence and in attack, with the mere fact of his presence giving us a considerable advantage over the enemy.

Attack enemies: it is also an action that should be performed always, since it is of the best ways to get resources to grow and, moreover, is one of the two sources of obtaining trophies, which are indispensable for Ascend’s League and add posts on the leaderboard. At first, you will use to attack troops quite weak (in particular on level 1), but as the game you will have to face very powerful enemies with troops quite resistant and harmful.

You should always choose well the objective that loot, since you can find cities impressively defensive which are not cost-effective in view of losses posed. In addition, the game also gives us an option PVE where we can end towns of goblins and get an interesting resource amount, as well as star to complete achievements related to the.

Investigate improvements: you can use the lab to improve everything your troops and spells available, which will help you make an impact much greater when attacking cities enemy and, even, to help teammates by donating troops improved their castles of the clan. Depending on the hardness of the unit, the improvement will be more expensive or cheaper, and can count elixir or dark elixir (the latter only in the case of dark, available in dark Barracks troops).

Join a Clan: the evolution in the game will be much faster if you lean on the help of allies which, no doubt, do their best to lend you a hand and you progress quickly. For this reason, it is good grouped in the so-called clans and take advantage of all the possibilities offered by this entry.

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